Sunday, 14 April 2013

understanding Weapons


Weapon is a tool used to injure, kill, or destroy an object. Weapons can be used to attack or to defend themselves, and also to threaten and protect. Anything that can be used to destroy (even psychology and the human body) can be said to be a weapon. Weapons can be as simple or complex as clubs such as ballistic missiles.

The types of weapons

Weapons can be categorized into three main types: based on who does it, how pemakaiananya, and what the target.
Light weapons can be carried and used one person only.

Bayonet is a sharp weapon.

Ballistic missiles fired from submarines.

Made anti-tank weapons against the armored vehicles.

Who wearer refer to what use it:
  • Personal weapons (or small arms) are made to use one person.
  • Crew weapons larger than personal weapons, requiring more than one person.
  • Weapons vehicle is made to be mounted and fired from the vehicle.
  • Air guns are made to diabwa and used vehicles Undara such as aircraft and helicopters.
  • Marine weapon is made to be fired from ships or submarines.
  • Space weapons are made to be fired from space.
How to use referring to the operation of the weapon:
  • Artillery is a weapon that fires a projectile warheads to a great distance.
  • Archery is a weapon that uses the energy produced rope to throw projectiles.
  • Using a chemical rocket to launch a projectile warheads.
  • Missiles or missile is a rocket that could be controlled after launch.
  • Firearm use gunpowder to fire projectiles explosion.
  • Biological weapons use biological agents such as bacteria to attack humans or animals.
  • Chemical weapons use chemicals to attack and poison people.
  • Using energy weapons such as laser energy concentration, electrical, temperature, or sound.
  • Use of explosive weapons explosion to destroy the target.
  • Incendiary weapons use materials that could produce damage by burning.
  • Weapons are sharpened tool to be used directly to injure an opponent's body.
  • Nuclear weapons use radioactive material to produce nuclear fusion or nuclear fission that produces terrible explosion.
  • Weapons suicide explosives are usually detonated by the operator, and the operator will not survive the blast.
What is the target refers to weapons designed to destroy certain objects:
  • Anti-air weapon is a weapon designed to destroy aircraft, helicopters, missiles and other flying objects.
  • Anti-personnel weapon designed to attack humans (infantry).
  • Anti-ship weapons targeting ships and other vessels.
  • Anti-submarine weapon made to destroy submarines.
  • Made anti-tank weapons to destroy armored vehicles.
  • Hunting weapon is a weapon that is made to be used for hunting animals.
  • Infantry support weapons are weapons designed to attack and support the infantry, for example, mortars and machine guns.