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Globalization is a special phenomenon in human civilization is moving steadily in the global community and is part of the global human processes. The presence of information technology and communication technology accelerate the process of globalization. Globalization touches all the important aspects of life. Globalization creates new challenges and problems which must be addressed, resolved in an effort harness globalization for the benefit of life. Globalization itself is a term that emerged about twenty years ago, and started so popular as a new ideology about five or ten years.
As a term, globalization is so easily accepted or known to the public worldwide. The discourse of globalization as a process characterized by the rapid development of science and technology so that he can change the world fundamentally. Globalization is often discussed by many people, ranging from economic experts, to sellers of advertising. In a word globalization contains a pengetian be the loss of one situation where various movement of goods and services between countries around the world can move freely and openly in the trade. And with the opening of one state against another, that goes not only goods and services but also technology, consumption patterns, education, values ​​and culture of others.
 The concept of globalization by Robertson (1992), refers to the narrowing of the world as incentives and increase our awareness of the world, namely the increasing global connections and our understanding of the connection. Here narrowing of the world can be understood in the context of modernity institutions and intensification of consciousness of the world can be perceived reflexive better culturally.


The purpose of this paper is:
1. Determine the influence of globalization on the nation and the State Indonesia
2. To determine the influence of globalization on the Positive and Negative Indonesia nation
3. To Learn Positive and Negative Impact of Globalization on Indonesia nation.


Globalization is the process of merging of the world into a single unit the same system. Globalization is born from the science and techno; Ogi, especially komuikasi and transportation. As a result of these developments, the information becomes thus quickly spread to every corner of the earth. Events at distant places with just a few hours, even a few seconds the information spread quickly.


  •    Globalization born along with modernization in the West since the sixteenth century when the first occurred systematization of economic life, international relations between countries, and the rise of global culture and global consciousness.
  •      Globalization means the systematic relationship of all social relationships on this earth.
  •    Globalization include phenomenology contraction. The world seemed to shrink not in the material sense but in an abstract sense. With fast communication, the space feels shorter or contraction.
  •    Phenomenology of globalization are reflective, meaning that raises awareness of humanity, misalanya sympathetic to natural disasters, war, global market presence, and human rights.
  •    With the globalization process, the barriers of time and space limitation getting lost. Someone is at once an individual and a member of the human race.


  • Development of Communication Technology
The rapid development of communications technologies made possible by developments in infrastructure and telecommunications world. In countries sangant developing communications infrastructure, in every home and office is equipped with a telephone, fax machine, cable television, and internet.

  • The existence of the World Economic Integration
Globalization is also increasingly the case by the integration of the world economy. Inversely with the previous era, global economy is not only based on agriculture and industry, but increasingly dominated by economic activities without weights (Weightless economy).

Globalization is a situation that will be difficult to avoid. The world became so open without protection. With globalization will occur so-called free market era, yaiutu when all countries freely market their products to other countries and everyone is free to look for jobs to other countries. All of that is a challenge for every nation and people of Indonesia for product quality and human resources will determine whether it can compete with other countries more advanced or, whether it will be a spectator in his own country?


  • Changes in world politics
  • The flow of information quickly and widely
  • Development of transnational corporations

The presence of globalization would bring influence to the life of a country, including Indonesia. These include the influence of the two sides of the positive and negative effects. The influence of globalization in various areas of life such as politics, economy, ideology, social, cultural and others will affect the values of nationalism to the nation.

Globalization Positive Influence Of Value - Value of Nationalism

1. Influence Of Political Aspects.
Government run openly and democratically. Because the government is part of a country, if the government be executed in an honest, clean and dynamic will certainly get a positive response from the people. Positive feedback in the form of a sense of nationalism to the state to be increased

2. Effect of Aspect konomi
The opening of international markets, increase employment opportunities and increase foreign exchange. With the things that will improve the economic life of the nation that support the national life of the nation. Also, the people familiar kemajuanteknologi, as well as modern shopping centers that facilitate the public to obtain the goods they need.

3. Influence of Social and Cultural Aspects
We can mimic the patterns of thinking that good as a high work ethic and discipline and science and technology from other nations that have been developed to improve the nation's progress in advancing the nation and will ultimately strengthen our sense of nationalism to the nation.

4. Effect of Aspect Technology and Communication
Advances in technology and communications make human life easier. People who when first wanted to go to a distant tampat takes a long time, now with the short time we could go abroad.

Negative Effects of Globalization Rerhadap Value - Value of Nationalism

1. Globalization is able to convince people of Indonesia that liberalism can bring progress and prosperity. So that it is possible to change the direction of ideology Pancasila ideology to liberalism. If that happens as a result a sense of nationalism will disappear

2. From the aspect of economic globalization, the loss of the love of domestic products because many foreign products (such as Mc Donald's, Coca Cola, Pizza Hut, etc.) Flooded in

3. Indonesia. With the loss of the love of domestic products reduced sense of nationalism showed symptoms of our society to the nation of Indonesia.

4. Citizens we especially many young people who forget the identity as a nation of Indonesia, because of his lifestyle tend to imitate the western culture by the people of the world regarded as a mecca.

5. Causes for sharp social inequalities between rich and poor, because of the free competition in economic globalization. This can cause conflicts between the rich and the poor who can disrupt national life of the nation.

6. The emergence of individualism that causes indifference attitude antarperilaku fellow citizens. With the individualism then people will not care about the life of the nation.

7. The occurrence of economic inequality as a result of the defeat of competing in the mastery of technology.

8. Countries that strong economy will conspire in order to seek profit maximization. this is often hurt poor countries that weak economic resilience.

9. The emergence of fanaticism, ethnic, and religious as an attempt to show its presence through various forums and organizations.

10. More and declining natural resources are vital such as water, forests, and global pollution.

11. cultural turmoil, which shocks the soul of someone as a result of the lack of readiness accept foreign cultures datangsecara suddenly.

Indonesian nation, like other nations in the era of globalization, can not avoid the swift currents of change (innovation) as a result of sophisticated information technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Some rofessio globaliasai impact that swept the nation and rofes Indonesia, namely:

1. Politics
The spread of western political values ​​either directly or indirectly in the form of rallies, demonstrations increasingly bold and sometimes "ignore the public interest" by creating unrest and anarchy. The more the erosion of political values ​​based on the spirit of kinship, community consensus and mutual cooperation. The strengthening of political values ​​based on the spirit of the individual, group, opposition, rofessi majority or minority tyranny.

2. Economics.
Applicability of the survival of the fittest oe so that anyone who has a large capital will get stronger and the weak are eliminated. Just as the government regulation in the economy setting mechanism will be determined by the market.
Economic sectors of the people who are given a subsidy of diminishing, cooperative increasingly difficult to develop, and employment-intensive pattern has been increasingly abandoned.

3. Social and Cultural Affairs
Easily western values ​​that go well milalui internet, satellite dish, rofessi media, and print media are sometimes imitated it out. The more the erosion of the spirit of mutual cooperation, solidarity, awareness, and solidarity rofes so in certain circumstances only be handled by a handful of people. More and waning of religious values ​​in the society, nation and state because considered no relation (secularism).

4. Sector Information
The progress of science and technology and global communication flows increasingly sophisticated, fast, and high capacity. The rate of growth and the accumulation of knowledge and information is increasing very rapidly sharply (exponentially)

5. Legal Affairs, Defence and Security
The strengthening of the rule of Rofe, democratization, and the demands on the implementation of human rights. Strengthening regulation and rulemaking Rofe legislation favoring and rewarding for the people's interests.
The strengthening of the demands of the tasks Rofe enforcement (police, prosecutors, and judges) more rofessional, transparent and accountable.

So that we do not sink into the negative aspects of globalization are developing today, necessary to create a new way or a culture that is more attempt to improve vision for social equity. A pattern that makes people can find new ways for people to live in an increasingly crowded environment with a peaceful, creative and happy.
It is very important adaah need for creativity and self-kerpercayaan embedded in a sense of national identity and the pride and dignity that melkat him, so that we can express ourselves as a nation that has identity.

From the discussion above, it can be done several measures to prevent the occurrence of a shift in culture, namely:
1. The government needs to review the perturan-regulation can lead to a shift in the nation's culture
2. Society needs to play an active role in the preservation of the local culture of each nation in particular and culture in general
3. The mass media businesses need to conduct the selection of a variety of news, entertainment and information given in order not to cause a shift in culture
4. People need to select the emergence of new cultural globalization, so that the incoming culture is not detrimental and negative impact.
5. People should be careful in imitating means or receive a new culture, so the impact of globalization in our country does not have much effect on the cultural identity of our nation.