Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mechanical properties Metal


The mechanical properties of the metal is stating the nature of the ability of a metal to accept a load or force without sustaining damage to the metal. Mechanical properties of metals, among others:

1. Strength (strength)
Ie the ability of a metal material in receiving such style without experiencing stress fracture. There are several types of powers depending on the type of materials used include: compressive strength, tensile, and shear work.

2. Hardness (hardness)
Namely the ability of the metal material in the form of penetration erosion receiving style and shifts these properties relate to the nature of the wear resistance.

3. The rigidity (stiffness)
The ability of the material to retain its shape after a force from a certain direction.

4. Toughness (toughtness)
A trait expressed in the material's ability to absorb the force applied.

5. Flexibility (elasticity)
Stating ability to forms of material back home after the force is removed. This happens before entering the territory of the plastic.

6. plasticity (plasticity)
The ability of the material to undergo permanent deformation sjumlah before the break, this after entering the territory of the plastic
7. elongation (creep)
Expressed plastically deformed metal tendencies when given the force within a certain period.

8. Fatigue (fatigue)
Is a material's ability to withstand load continuously